Commit 75cd4374 authored by Timur Kristóf's avatar Timur Kristóf Committed by Marge Bot
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aco: Align NGG scratch size to 16 so a single ds_read can always read it.

Signed-off-by: Timur Kristóf's avatarTimur Kristóf <>
Reviewed-by: Daniel Schürmann's avatarDaniel Schürmann <>
Part-of: <!10155>
parent c1346e5c
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......@@ -11409,7 +11409,7 @@ std::pair<Temp, Temp> ngg_gs_workgroup_reduce_and_scan(isel_context *ctx, Temp s
/* The first lane of each wave loads every wave's results from LDS, to avoid bank conflicts */
Temp reduction_per_wave_vector = load_lds(ctx, 4u * num_lds_dwords, bld.tmp(RegClass(RegType::vgpr, num_lds_dwords)),
bld.copy(bld.def(v1), Operand(0u)), ctx->ngg_gs_scratch_addr, 4u);
bld.copy(bld.def(v1), Operand(0u)), ctx->ngg_gs_scratch_addr, 16u);
begin_divergent_if_else(ctx, &ic);
end_divergent_if(ctx, &ic);
......@@ -419,8 +419,9 @@ void setup_gs_variables(isel_context *ctx, nir_shader *nir)
ctx->ngg_gs_emit_vtx_bytes = ctx->ngg_gs_primflags_offset + 4u;
ctx->ngg_gs_emit_addr = esgs_ring_bytes;
ctx->ngg_gs_scratch_addr = ctx->ngg_gs_emit_addr + ngg_emit_bytes;
ctx->ngg_gs_scratch_addr = ALIGN(ctx->ngg_gs_scratch_addr, 16u);
unsigned total_lds_bytes = esgs_ring_bytes + ngg_emit_bytes + ngg_gs_scratch_bytes;
unsigned total_lds_bytes = ctx->ngg_gs_scratch_addr + ngg_gs_scratch_bytes;
assert(total_lds_bytes >= ctx->ngg_gs_emit_addr);
assert(total_lds_bytes >= ctx->ngg_gs_scratch_addr);
ctx->program->config->lds_size = DIV_ROUND_UP(total_lds_bytes, ctx->program->dev.lds_encoding_granule);
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