Commit 6eff8810 authored by Emma Anholt's avatar Emma Anholt Committed by Marge Bot
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ci/freedreno: Skip a test that's taking out the a530 boards.

This one has shown up as faulting several times, with CP failures

Fixes: e8640fef ("ci: Uprev piglit to 3351e8952 ("max-texture-size: report merged results")")
Part-of: <!10848>
parent e17e3df4
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......@@ -28,3 +28,7 @@ spec@!opengl 2.0@tex3d-npot
# depending on what else was running at the time:
spec@arb_texture_cube_map_array@texsubimage cube_map_array
spec@arb_pixel_buffer_object@texsubimage cube_map_array pbo
# Causes faults that need the HUPCF fix to actually work to avoid killing the
# run.
spec@glsl-1.30@execution@texelfetch fs sampler3d 98x1x9-98x129x9
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