Commit 6de8e563 authored by Kristian Høgsberg's avatar Kristian Høgsberg

intel: Call _mesa_make_current() after getting initial buffers

The default viewport is the window rectangle, which is set up by
_mesa_make_current().  To be able to do that we need to get the
window dimension (and buffers) first, so we have to call
intel_prepare_render() before we can call into _mesa_make_current().

Fixes #26676 and #26678.
parent 0557d0a4
......@@ -880,12 +880,12 @@ intelMakeCurrent(__DRIcontext * driContextPriv,
struct gl_framebuffer *fb = driDrawPriv->driverPrivate;
struct gl_framebuffer *readFb = driReadPriv->driverPrivate;
_mesa_make_current(&intel->ctx, fb, readFb);
intel->driReadDrawable = driReadPriv;
intel->driDrawable = driDrawPriv;
driContextPriv->dri2.draw_stamp = driDrawPriv->dri2.stamp - 1;
driContextPriv->dri2.read_stamp = driReadPriv->dri2.stamp - 1;
_mesa_make_current(&intel->ctx, fb, readFb);
else {
_mesa_make_current(NULL, NULL, NULL);
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