Commit 629806b5 authored by Nanley Chery's avatar Nanley Chery Committed by Nanley Chery
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anv: Fix some depth buffer sampling cases on ICL+

Don't attempt sampling with HiZ if the sampler lacks support for it. On
ICL, the HW docs state that sampling with HiZ is not supported and that
instances of AUX_HIZ in the RENDER_SURFACE_STATE object will be
interpreted as AUX_NONE.

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Reviewed-by: Lionel Landwerlin's avatarLionel Landwerlin <>
Reviewed-by: Anuj Phogat's avatarAnuj Phogat <>
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......@@ -3187,7 +3187,13 @@ anv_can_sample_with_hiz(const struct gen_device_info * const devinfo,
if (!(image->aspects & VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_DEPTH_BIT))
return false;
if (devinfo->gen < 8)
/* Allow this feature on BDW even though it is disabled in the BDW devinfo
* struct. There's documentation which suggests that this feature actually
* reduces performance on BDW, but it has only been observed to help so
* far. Sampling fast-cleared blocks on BDW must also be handled with care
* (see depth_stencil_attachment_compute_aux_usage() for more info).
if (devinfo->gen != 8 && !devinfo->has_sample_with_hiz)
return false;
return image->samples == 1;
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