Commit 604c572e authored by Lucas Stach's avatar Lucas Stach
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gallium/dri: copy image use in dup_image

Don't lose the use flags when dup'ing an image.
Signed-off-by: Lucas Stach's avatarLucas Stach <>
parent f36265a2
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......@@ -1323,6 +1323,7 @@ dri2_dup_image(__DRIimage *image, void *loaderPrivate)
img->dri_format = image->dri_format;
/* This should be 0 for sub images, but dup is also used for base images. */
img->dri_components = image->dri_components;
img->use = image->use;
img->loader_private = loaderPrivate;
img->sPriv = image->sPriv;
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