Commit 3d5bed0e authored by Qiang Yu's avatar Qiang Yu Committed by Marge Bot
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radeonsi: fix user fence space when MCBP is enabled

When MCBP is enabled, IB maybe preempted which will also update
the preempted fence field of the user fence. So we need to reserve
enough space for each user fence.

Fixes: 89d2dac5

 "radeonsi: enable preemption if the kernel enabled it"
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarek Olšák <>
Signed-off-by: Qiang Yu's avatarQiang Yu <>
Part-of: <!6577>
parent c638301b
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......@@ -1683,8 +1683,14 @@ finalize:
/* Success. */
uint64_t *user_fence = NULL;
/* Need to reserve 4 QWORD for user fence:
* QWORD[0]: completed fence
* QWORD[1]: preempted fence
* QWORD[2]: reset fence
* QWORD[3]: preempted then reset
if (has_user_fence)
user_fence = acs->ctx->user_fence_cpu_address_base + acs->ring_type;
user_fence = acs->ctx->user_fence_cpu_address_base + acs->ring_type * 4;
amdgpu_fence_submitted(cs->fence, seq_no, user_fence);
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