Commit 38ef6f5f authored by Emil Velikov's avatar Emil Velikov

egl: android: directly use dri2_create_image_dma_buf()

Make the function non static so that we can use it directly from the
android platform code.
Signed-off-by: Emil Velikov's avatarEmil Velikov <>
Acked-by: Rob Herring's avatarRob Herring <>
parent 2cd687ce
......@@ -1960,7 +1960,7 @@ dri2_check_dma_buf_format(const _EGLImageAttribs *attrs)
* Therefore we must never close or otherwise modify the file descriptors.
static _EGLImage *
_EGLImage *
dri2_create_image_dma_buf(_EGLDisplay *disp, _EGLContext *ctx,
EGLClientBuffer buffer, const EGLint *attr_list)
......@@ -361,6 +361,10 @@ dri2_create_image_khr(_EGLDriver *drv, _EGLDisplay *disp,
_EGLContext *ctx, EGLenum target,
EGLClientBuffer buffer, const EGLint *attr_list);
_EGLImage *
dri2_create_image_dma_buf(_EGLDisplay *disp, _EGLContext *ctx,
EGLClientBuffer buffer, const EGLint *attr_list);
dri2_initialize_x11(_EGLDriver *drv, _EGLDisplay *disp);
......@@ -494,8 +494,7 @@ dri2_create_image_android_native_buffer(_EGLDriver *drv, _EGLDisplay *disp,
if (fourcc == -1 || pitch == 0)
return NULL;
return dri2_create_image_khr(drv, disp, ctx, EGL_LINUX_DMA_BUF_EXT,
NULL, attr_list);
return dri2_create_image_dma_buf(disp, ctx, NULL, attr_list);
name = get_native_buffer_name(buf);
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