Commit 366fcbf2 authored by Sagar Ghuge's avatar Sagar Ghuge
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intel/isl: Support lossless compression with multisamples

GEN12 adds the ability to losslessly compress each sample plane in a
multisampled buffer that uses MCS compression.

v2: Remove unnecessary assertion (Nanley Chery)
Signed-off-by: Sagar Ghuge's avatarSagar Ghuge <>
Reviewed-by: Nanley Chery's avatarNanley Chery <>
parent 758a6a3a
......@@ -1848,13 +1848,9 @@ isl_surf_get_ccs_surf(const struct isl_device *dev,
if (aux_surf->usage & ISL_SURF_USAGE_CCS_BIT)
return false;
/* Only multisampled depth buffers with HiZ can have CCS. */
if (surf->samples > 1 && !(aux_surf->usage & ISL_SURF_USAGE_HIZ_BIT))
if (ISL_DEV_GEN(dev) < 12 && surf->samples > 1)
return false;
assert(surf->msaa_layout == ISL_MSAA_LAYOUT_NONE ||
surf->msaa_layout == ISL_MSAA_LAYOUT_INTERLEAVED);
/* CCS support does not exist prior to Gen7 */
if (ISL_DEV_GEN(dev) <= 6)
return false;
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