Commit 334a27af authored by Timothy Arceri's avatar Timothy Arceri

mesa: add UseSTD430AsDefaultPacking constant

This will be used to enable the STD430 layout as the default for
UBOs and SSBOs with layouts of shared/packed rather than STD140.
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarek Olšák <>
parent 5e253fe3
......@@ -3843,6 +3843,15 @@ struct gl_constants
GLboolean DisableVaryingPacking;
* UBOs and SSBOs can be packed tightly by the OpenGL implementation when
* layout is set as shared (the default) or packed. However most Mesa drivers
* just use STD140 for these layouts. This flag allows drivers to use STD430
* for packed and shared layouts which allows arrays to be packed more
* tightly.
bool UseSTD430AsDefaultPacking;
* Should meaningful names be generated for compiler temporary variables?
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