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docs/macos: Explain Apple GLX versus OSMesa on macOS

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......@@ -13,5 +13,12 @@ be aware of.
- macOS is picky about its build-time environment. Type `brew sh` before
building to get the Homebrew dependencies in your path.
At the moment, only the software rasterizers are supported on macOS. Stay tuned
for updates here!
Mesa's default builds with the Apple GLX uses Mesa as a front for the
hardware-accelerated system OpenGL framework, to provide hardware acceleration
to X11 applications on macOS running via XQuartz.
Mesa's software rasterizers also work on macOS. To build, set the build options
`-Dosmesa=true -Dglx=gallium-xlib` and select an appropriate Gallium software
For native hardware, stay tuned for updates here!
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