Verified Commit 1c6ef016 authored by Jordan Justen's avatar Jordan Justen
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intel: Update TGL PCI strings

Ref: Bspec 44455
Cc: <>
Signed-off-by: Jordan Justen's avatarJordan Justen <>
Reviewed-by: Lionel Landwerlin's avatarLionel Landwerlin <>
parent d9d549ff
CHIPSET(0x9A40, tgl_gt2, "TGL GT2", "Intel(R) Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A49, tgl_gt2, "TGL GT2", "Intel(R) Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A40, tgl_gt2, "TGL GT2", "Intel(R) Xe Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A49, tgl_gt2, "TGL GT2", "Intel(R) Xe Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A59, tgl_gt2, "TGL GT2", "Intel(R) Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A60, tgl_gt1, "TGL GT1", "Intel(R) Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A68, tgl_gt1, "TGL GT1", "Intel(R) Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A70, tgl_gt1, "TGL GT1", "Intel(R) Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A60, tgl_gt1, "TGL GT1", "Intel(R) UHD Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A68, tgl_gt1, "TGL GT1", "Intel(R) UHD Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9A70, tgl_gt1, "TGL GT1", "Intel(R) UHD Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9AC0, tgl_gt2, "TGL GT2", "Intel(R) UHD Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9AC9, tgl_gt2, "TGL GT2", "Intel(R) UHD Graphics")
CHIPSET(0x9AD9, tgl_gt2, "TGL GT2", "Intel(R) UHD Graphics")
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