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Revert F16C series (MR 6774)

This reverts commit 4fb2eddf.
This reverts commit 7a1deb16.
This reverts commit 2b6a1723.
This reverts commit 5af81393.
This reverts commit 87900afe.

A couple of problems were discovered after this series was merged that
cause breakage in different configurations:

   (1) It seems that using -mf16c also enables AVX, leading to SIGILL on
   platforms that do not support AVX.
   (2) Since clang only warns about unknown flags, and as I understand
   it Meson's handling in cc.has_argument() is broken, the F16C code is
   wrongly enabled when clang is used, even for example on ARM, leading
   to a compilation error.

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