Commit 142fb27c authored by Jose Fonseca's avatar Jose Fonseca

util: ubyte_to_float and float_to_ubyte whenever possible.

More accurate results.

We should probably generalize these functions for more cases.
parent 866d22cc
......@@ -299,6 +299,13 @@ def conversion_expr(src_channel,
value = 'util_half_to_float(%s)' % value
src_size = 32
# Special case for float <-> ubytes for more accurate results
# Done before clamping since these functions already take care of that
if src_type == UNSIGNED and src_norm and src_size == 8 and dst_channel.type == FLOAT and dst_channel.size == 32:
return 'ubyte_to_float(%s)' % value
if src_type == FLOAT and src_type == 32 and dst_channel.type == UNSIGNED and dst_channel.norm and dst_channel.size == 8:
return 'float_to_ubyte(%s)' % value
if clamp:
if dst_channel.type != FLOAT or src_type != FLOAT:
value = clamp_expr(src_channel, dst_channel, dst_native_type, value)
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