Commit 09935c0d authored by Matt Turner's avatar Matt Turner Committed by Marge Bot
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freedreno/afuc: Print uintptr_t with PRIxPTR

Fixes a compilation error on 32-bit.

Fixes: bba61cef ("freedreno/afuc: Add emulator mode to afuc-disasm")
Part-of: <!11118>
parent 148723ce
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......@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ dump_gpumem(struct emu *emu, uintptr_t addr)
uint32_t val = emu_mem_read_dword(emu, addr);
printf(" MEM: 0x%016"PRIx64": ", addr);
printf(" MEM: 0x%016"PRIxPTR": ", addr);
if (addr == emu->gpumem_written) {
printdelta("0x%08x\n", val);
} else {
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