Commit 04c7fce7 authored by Nanley Chery's avatar Nanley Chery Committed by Marge Bot

iris: Drop res variable in resolve_sampler_views

Instead of storing isv->res in a local variable, just use it directly to
increase consistency with similar field accesses.
Reviewed-by: Tapani Pälli's avatarTapani Pälli <>
Part-of: <!7996>
parent 1f7427f9
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......@@ -94,22 +94,22 @@ resolve_sampler_views(struct iris_context *ice,
while (views) {
const int i = u_bit_scan(&views);
struct iris_sampler_view *isv = shs->textures[i];
struct iris_resource *res = isv->res;
if (res-> != PIPE_BUFFER) {
if (isv->res-> != PIPE_BUFFER) {
if (consider_framebuffer) {
disable_rb_aux_buffer(ice, draw_aux_buffer_disabled,
res, isv->view.base_level, isv->view.levels,
disable_rb_aux_buffer(ice, draw_aux_buffer_disabled, isv->res,
isv->view.base_level, isv->view.levels,
"for sampling");
iris_resource_prepare_texture(ice, res, isv->view.format,
iris_resource_prepare_texture(ice, isv->res, isv->view.format,
isv->view.base_level, isv->view.levels,
iris_emit_buffer_barrier_for(batch, res->bo, IRIS_DOMAIN_OTHER_READ);
iris_emit_buffer_barrier_for(batch, isv->res->bo,
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