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    glsl: Allow less restrictive uses of sampler array indexing in GLSL <= 1.20 · e942f328
    Ian Romanick authored
    GLSL 1.10 and 1.20 allow any sort of sampler array indexing.
    Restrictions were added in GLSL 1.30.  Commit f0f2ec4d added support
    for the 1.30 restrictions, but it broke some valid 1.10/1.20 shaders.
    This changes the error to a warning in GLSL 1.10, GLSL 1.20, and GLSL
    ES 1.00.
    There are some spurious whitespace changes in this commit.  I changed
    the layout (and wording) of the error message so that all three cases
    would be similar.  The 1.10/1.20 and 1.30 text is the same.  The only
    difference is that one is an error, and the other is a warning.  The
    GLSL ES 1.00 wording is similar but not quite the same.
    Fixes piglit test
    and bugzilla #32374.