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    gallium/clover: pass -opaque-pointers to Clang on LLVM 15 and 16 · e74e82ea
    Thomas Debesse authored
    This does the exact opposite of 06e96074 from !16129.
    Before LLVM commit 702d5de4 opaque pointers were supported but not enabled
    by default when building LLVM. They were made default in commit 702d5de4.
    LLVM commit d69e9f9d introduced -opaque-pointers/-no-opaque-pointers cc1
    options to enable or disable them whatever the LLVM default is.
    Those two commits follow llvmorg-15-init and precede llvmorg-15.0.0-rc1 tags.
    Since LLVM commit d785a8ea, the CLANG_ENABLE_OPAQUE_POINTERS build option of
    LLVM is removed, meaning there is no way to build LLVM with opaque pointers
    enabled by default.
    It was said at the time it was still possible to explicitly disable opaque
    pointers via cc1 -no-opaque-pointers option, but it is known a later commit
    broke backward compatibility provided by -no-opaque-pointers as verified with
    arbitrary commit d7d586e5, so there is no way to use opaque pointers starting
    with LLVM 16.
    Those two commits follow llvmorg-16-init and precede llvmorg-16.0.0-rc1 tags.
    Since Mesa commit 977dbfc9
     opaque pointers are properly implemented in Clover
    and used.
    If we don't pass -opaque-pointers to Clang on LLVM versions supporting opaque
    pointers but disabling them by default, there will be an API mismatch between
    Mesa and LLVM and Clover will not work.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Debesse <dev@illwieckz.net>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarDave Airlie <airlied@redhat.com>
    Part-of: <!19290>