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    v3d: attach performance monitor to jobs · 99697035
    Juan A. Suárez authored
    When a performance monitor is enabled in the context, all the jobs
    submitted to the kernel will have attached this monitor ID, so the
    kernel will measuring the performance counters selected in the monitor
    when these jobs are executed by the GPU (accumulating the results).
    v2 (Iago):
     - Update comment
     - Assert fence is not NULL
     - Assert has_perfmon when using perfmon
     - Rewrite conditional
     - Implement performance counters in CSD
    v4 (Juan):
     - Track previous perfmon and sync BCL if required (Juan).
     - Track if a job with perfmon was submitted (Juan)
    v7 (Iago)
     - No braces for single-line body conditionals
    Reviewed-by: Iago Toral's avatarIago Toral Quiroga <itoral@igalia.com>
    Signed-off-by: Juan A. Suárez's avatarJuan A. Suarez Romero <jasuarez@igalia.com>
    Part-of: <!10666>