Commit d15a2761 authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul
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don't prefix misc/ on kernel module name

parent 23def7e3
......@@ -220,14 +220,9 @@ static int drmOpenByName(const char *name)
#if defined(XFree86Server)
if (!drmAvailable()) {
/* try to load the kernel module now */
char filename[1000];
snprintf(filename, 999, "misc/%s.o", name);
/* xf86LoadKernelModule will prefix "/lib/modules/<kernel-version>"
* for Linux, or similar for other OSes.
if (!xf86LoadKernelModule(filename)) {
ErrorF(stderr, "[drm] failed to load kernel module \"%s\"\n",
if (!xf86LoadKernelModule(name)) {
ErrorF("[drm] failed to load kernel module \"%s\"\n",
return -1;
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