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tests/amdgpu: Proper format for "-l"

Proper format for command line option "-l",
listing the supported and unsupported tests:

1) Add an aligned column header.

2) Align all fields into columns.

3) Fixed length fields, come before the last
column, which is a variable length field.

4) Variable length field, which is the name of the
test, goes in the last column.

5) If a suite is disabled, do not iterate over its
tests, as they'd naturally be all disabled.

Now the output looks like this:
$sudo ./amdgpu_test -l
 What: ID:   Status: Name
Suite:  1:  ENABLED: Basic Tests
 Test:  1:  ENABLED: Query Info Test
 Test:  2:  ENABLED: Userptr Test
 Test:  3: DISABLED: bo eviction Test
 Test:  4:  ENABLED: Command submission Test (GFX)
 Test:  5:  ENABLED: Command submission Test (Compute)
 Test:  6:  ENABLED: Command submission Test (Multi-Fence)
 Test:  7:  ENABLED: Command submission Test (SDMA)
 Test:  8:  ENABLED: SW semaphore Test
 Test:  9: DISABLED: Sync dependency Test
 Test: 10: DISABLED: Dispatch Test (Compute)
 Test: 11: DISABLED: Dispatch Test (GFX)
 Test: 12: DISABLED: Draw Test
 Test: 13: DISABLED: GPU reset Test
Suite:  2:  ENABLED: BO Tests
 Test:  1:  ENABLED: Export/Import
 Test:  2: DISABLED: Metadata
 Test:  3:  ENABLED: CPU map/unmap
 Test:  4:  ENABLED: Memory alloc Test
 Test:  5:  ENABLED: Memory fail alloc Test
 Test:  6:  ENABLED: Find bo by CPU mapping
Suite:  3: DISABLED: CS Tests
Suite:  4: DISABLED: VCE Tests
Suite:  5:  ENABLED: VCN Tests
 Test:  1:  ENABLED: VCN DEC create
 Test:  2:  ENABLED: VCN DEC decode
 Test:  3:  ENABLED: VCN DEC destroy
 Test:  4:  ENABLED: VCN ENC create
 Test:  5:  ENABLED: VCN ENC decode
 Test:  6:  ENABLED: VCN ENC destroy
Suite:  6: DISABLED: UVD ENC Tests
Suite:  7: DISABLED: Deadlock Tests
Suite:  8:  ENABLED: VM Tests
 Test:  1:  ENABLED: resere vmid test
 Test:  2:  ENABLED: unaligned map
 Test:  3:  ENABLED: vm mapping test
Suite:  9: DISABLED: RAS Tests
 Test:  1:  ENABLED: syncobj timeline test
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