Commit 649d4e60 authored by Mike Lothian's avatar Mike Lothian Committed by Emil Velikov
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libdrm: Fix amdgpu build failure

Use the correct files to build libdrm_amdgpu.
Signed-of-by: Mike Lothian's avatarMike Lothian <>
Fixes: d6cb0ee4

 ("amdgpu: remove the hash table implementation")
Cc: Christian König <>
Reviewed-by: Emil Velikov's avatarEmil Velikov <>
parent 93220283
......@@ -26,8 +26,7 @@ libdrm_amdgpu = shared_library(
'amdgpu_asic_id.c', 'amdgpu_bo.c', 'amdgpu_cs.c', 'amdgpu_device.c',
'amdgpu_gpu_info.c', 'amdgpu_vamgr.c', 'amdgpu_vm.c', 'util_hash.c',
'amdgpu_gpu_info.c', 'amdgpu_vamgr.c', 'amdgpu_vm.c', 'handle_table.c',
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