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Commit 5ee9cb4b authored by Thomas Andersen's avatar Thomas Andersen Committed by Eric Engestrom
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intel: avoid null pointer dereference

Move the dereference after the null check.
Fixes: 028715ee

 ("intel: Avoid the need for most overflow
                              checks by using a scratch page.")
Reviewed-by: Eric Engestrom's avatarEric Engestrom <>
parent 1bf96af5
......@@ -3899,7 +3899,7 @@ drm_intel_decode(struct drm_intel_decode *ctx)
int ret;
unsigned int index = 0;
uint32_t devid;
int size = ctx->base_count * 4;
int size;
void *temp;
if (!ctx)
......@@ -3909,6 +3909,7 @@ drm_intel_decode(struct drm_intel_decode *ctx)
* the batchbuffer. This lets us avoid a bunch of length
* checking in statically sized packets.
size = ctx->base_count * 4;
temp = malloc(size + 4096);
memcpy(temp, ctx->base_data, size);
memset((char *)temp + size, 0xd0, 4096);
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