Commit c5ef4700 authored by Jakub Adam's avatar Jakub Adam

agent: Expose input_message_get_size() in agent-priv.h

parent 5368ed37
......@@ -277,6 +277,9 @@ compact_output_message (const NiceOutputMessage *message, gsize *buffer_length);
output_message_get_size (const NiceOutputMessage *message);
input_message_get_size (const NiceInputMessage *message);
gssize agent_socket_send (NiceSocket *sock, const NiceAddress *addr, gsize len,
const gchar *buf);
......@@ -4206,7 +4206,7 @@ output_message_get_size (const NiceOutputMessage *message)
return message_len;
static gsize
input_message_get_size (const NiceInputMessage *message)
guint i;
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