1. 16 Nov, 2018 1 commit
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      agent: check message length before extracting RFC4571 frame size · 5496500b
      Jakub Adam authored
      nice_socket_recv_messages() may return a NiceInputMessage of length = 0,
      so before attempting to read the RFC4571 header check the message really
      has at least sizeof (guint16) bytes of data.
      The bug's always been there, the previous commit only made it more
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      udp-turn: handle multiple RFC4571 frames received in a TCP-TURN message · d79d1179
      Jakub Adam authored
      There might be multiple RFC4571-framed messages (or fragments thereof)
      within a single TCP-TURN message. Make sure each NiceInputMessage
      passed by the user into socket_recv_messages() gets exactly one RFC4571
      frame, or remains empty if there aren't any messages to receive.
      We should keep any data that doesn't fit into the user buffers for
      the next time socket_recv_messages() gets called with the socket.
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      udp-turn: don't re-iterate incoming TURN control messages · 5aa49920
      Jakub Adam authored
      After being parsed, a TURN control message turns into a NiceInputMessage
      with zero length. Such message doesn't increment the iteration counter i
      and so is re-processed in the next iteration, which detects right away
      that message->length == 0 and continues to the next element in
      Thus, n_valid_messages variable serves no real purpose and to achieve
      the same result we can simply increment the iteration counter after each
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