Commit 7587da3f authored by Jose Antonio Santos Cadenas's avatar Jose Antonio Santos Cadenas Committed by Olivier Crête

conncheck.c: Fix negotiation problem

When a peer reflexive candidate is discovered, it is added to the
list of connection checks, but is is not nominated by default.

This causes a problem if parent pair is already nominated and
the remote peer does not send more requests because it has already
selected a candidate. (i.e.: This is the case of WebRtc in Firefox)
parent 3d4cdee1
......@@ -2946,7 +2946,7 @@ static CandidateCheckPair *priv_add_peer_reflexive_pair (NiceAgent *agent, guint
pair->priority = nice_candidate_pair_priority (pair->remote->priority,
pair->nominated = FALSE;
pair->nominated = parent_pair->nominated;
pair->prflx_priority = ensure_unique_priority (stream, component,
peer_reflexive_candidate_priority (agent, local_cand));
nice_debug ("Agent %p : added a new peer-discovered pair with "
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