Commit 5aa6553b authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête 👻

agent: Remove useless checks from nice_agent_add_local_address

parent 6f5dd4a3
......@@ -1900,24 +1900,15 @@ NICEAPI_EXPORT gboolean
nice_agent_add_local_address (NiceAgent *agent, NiceAddress *addr)
NiceAddress *dup;
GSList *modified_list;
gboolean ret = FALSE;
dup = nice_address_dup (addr);
nice_address_set_port (dup, 0);
modified_list = g_slist_append (agent->local_addresses, dup);
if (modified_list) {
agent->local_addresses = modified_list;
agent->local_addresses = g_slist_append (agent->local_addresses, dup);
ret = TRUE;
goto done;
return ret;
return TRUE;
static gboolean priv_add_remote_candidate (
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