Commit 9c45c6ca authored by Karl-Philipp Richter's avatar Karl-Philipp Richter

Add hint about Ubuntu 14.04 build trouble to README

Add hint about probable trouble on Ubuntu 14.04 because of
glib > 2.44.0 requirement to new README section
'Troubleshooting and known limitations'.
parent 5ae45631
......@@ -5,3 +5,10 @@ GeoClue is a D-Bus geoinformation service. The goal of the Geoclue project is to
make creating location-aware applications as simple as possible.
Geoclue is Free Software, licensed under GNU GPLv2+.
# Troubleshooting and known limitations
* GeoClue requires Glib >= 2.44.0 which should make it hard to build to Ubuntu
14.04. It's currently not supported, but all maintained Ubuntu versions >= 16.04
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