Commit 00cd10ea authored by Zeeshan Ali's avatar Zeeshan Ali

meson: Add enums source to gir comamnd

parent 6e4d5235
......@@ -56,10 +56,13 @@ vapigen = find_program('vapigen', required: false)
cross_build = meson.is_cross_build()
enable_gir = get_option('enable-introspection')
pkg_requirements = ['glib-2.0', 'gio-2.0', 'gio-unix-2.0']
gir_sources = [ libgeoclue_sources,
'../public-api/gclue-enums.h' ]
if gir.found() and not cross_build and enable_gir
geo_gir = gnome.generate_gir(libgeoclue,
sources: [ libgeoclue_sources, libgeoclue_headers ],
sources: gir_sources,
namespace: 'Geoclue',
nsversion: gclue_api_version,
identifier_prefix: 'GClue',
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