Commit 6b466f25 authored by Daniel Stone's avatar Daniel Stone

compositor-drm: Move state helpers to separate file

Most of the state helpers (create, destroy, duplicate, etc) state, are
relatively straightforward and can live in a separate file.
Signed-off-by: Daniel Stone's avatarDaniel Stone <>
parent 7580b3c0
......@@ -615,3 +615,53 @@ drm_fb_get_from_bo(struct gbm_bo *bo, struct drm_backend *backend,
bool is_opaque, enum drm_fb_type type);
struct drm_fb *
drm_fb_get_from_view(struct drm_output_state *state, struct weston_view *ev);
struct drm_pending_state *
drm_pending_state_alloc(struct drm_backend *backend);
drm_pending_state_free(struct drm_pending_state *pending_state);
struct drm_output_state *
drm_pending_state_get_output(struct drm_pending_state *pending_state,
struct drm_output *output);
* Mode for drm_output_state_duplicate.
enum drm_output_state_duplicate_mode {
DRM_OUTPUT_STATE_CLEAR_PLANES, /**< reset all planes to off */
DRM_OUTPUT_STATE_PRESERVE_PLANES, /**< preserve plane state */
struct drm_output_state *
drm_output_state_alloc(struct drm_output *output,
struct drm_pending_state *pending_state);
struct drm_output_state *
drm_output_state_duplicate(struct drm_output_state *src,
struct drm_pending_state *pending_state,
enum drm_output_state_duplicate_mode plane_mode);
drm_output_state_free(struct drm_output_state *state);
struct drm_plane_state *
drm_output_state_get_plane(struct drm_output_state *state_output,
struct drm_plane *plane);
struct drm_plane_state *
drm_output_state_get_existing_plane(struct drm_output_state *state_output,
struct drm_plane *plane);
struct drm_plane_state *
drm_plane_state_alloc(struct drm_output_state *state_output,
struct drm_plane *plane);
struct drm_plane_state *
drm_plane_state_duplicate(struct drm_output_state *state_output,
struct drm_plane_state *src);
drm_plane_state_free(struct drm_plane_state *state, bool force);
drm_plane_state_put_back(struct drm_plane_state *state);
drm_plane_state_coords_for_view(struct drm_plane_state *state,
struct weston_view *ev);
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......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ srcs_drm = [
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