Commit f9a8d51f authored by Mike Blumenkrantz's avatar Mike Blumenkrantz 🏋 Committed by Marge Bot

zink: handle nir_op_find_lsb and nir_op_ifind_msb in ntv

Reviewed-by: Erik Faye-Lund 's avatarErik Faye-Lund <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!8153>
parent a83002ce
......@@ -1298,6 +1298,8 @@ emit_alu(struct ntv_context *ctx, nir_alu_instr *alu)
BUILTIN_UNOP(nir_op_fsin, GLSLstd450Sin)
BUILTIN_UNOP(nir_op_fcos, GLSLstd450Cos)
BUILTIN_UNOP(nir_op_ufind_msb, GLSLstd450FindUMsb)
BUILTIN_UNOP(nir_op_find_lsb, GLSLstd450FindILsb)
BUILTIN_UNOP(nir_op_ifind_msb, GLSLstd450FindSMsb)
case nir_op_frcp:
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