Commit c768c529 authored by Mike Blumenkrantz's avatar Mike Blumenkrantz 🏋 Committed by Marge Bot

zink: force stencil format for stencil-only samplers and swizzle the right component

packed buffers will still return the full format when we're using only the
stencil aspect, so we need to explicitly set the format here

also due to 7ca72f17 we can't use the provided
swizzle for this case and have to force y -> x component swizzle
Reviewed-by: Erik Faye-Lund 's avatarErik Faye-Lund <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!7491>
parent ad0037fc
......@@ -330,14 +330,20 @@ zink_create_sampler_view(struct pipe_context *pctx, struct pipe_resource *pres,
ivci.image = res->image;
ivci.viewType = image_view_type(state->target);
ivci.format = zink_get_format(screen, state->format);
ivci.components.r = component_mapping(state->swizzle_r);
ivci.components.g = component_mapping(state->swizzle_g);
ivci.components.b = component_mapping(state->swizzle_b);
ivci.components.a = component_mapping(state->swizzle_a);
ivci.subresourceRange.aspectMask = sampler_aspect_from_format(state->format);
/* samplers for stencil aspects of packed formats need to always use stencil type */
if (ivci.subresourceRange.aspectMask == VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_STENCIL_BIT) {
ivci.format = VK_FORMAT_S8_UINT;
ivci.components.g = VK_COMPONENT_SWIZZLE_R;
} else
ivci.format = zink_get_format(screen, state->format);
ivci.subresourceRange.baseMipLevel = state->u.tex.first_level;
ivci.subresourceRange.baseArrayLayer = state->u.tex.first_layer;
ivci.subresourceRange.levelCount = state->u.tex.last_level - state->u.tex.first_level + 1;
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