Commit 2c050b49 authored by Daniel Schürmann's avatar Daniel Schürmann

aco: only emit waitcnt on loop continues if we there was some load or export

Reviewed-by: Rhys Perry's avatarRhys Perry <>
parent 70e39294
......@@ -648,7 +648,7 @@ void handle_block(Program *program, Block& block, wait_ctx& ctx)
/* check if this block is at the end of a loop */
for (unsigned succ_idx : block.linear_succs) {
/* eliminate any remaining counters */
if (succ_idx <= block.index && (ctx.vm_cnt || ctx.exp_cnt || ctx.lgkm_cnt || ctx.vs_cnt)) {
if (succ_idx <= block.index && (ctx.vm_cnt || ctx.exp_cnt || ctx.lgkm_cnt || ctx.vs_cnt) && !ctx.gpr_map.empty()) {
// TODO: we could do better if we only wait if the regs between the block and other predecessors differ
aco_ptr<Instruction> branch = std::move(new_instructions.back());
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