Commit cd978ffd authored by Fredrik Pålsson's avatar Fredrik Pålsson Committed by Fredrik Pålsson
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gstbus: change log level of repeated messages from INFO to DEBUG

Part-of: <gstreamer/gstreamer!722>
parent a06dcc3e
......@@ -610,10 +610,10 @@ gst_bus_timed_pop_filtered (GstBus * bus, GstClockTime timeout,
g_mutex_lock (&bus->priv->queue_lock);
if (ret == 0) {
GST_INFO_OBJECT (bus, "timed out, breaking loop");
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (bus, "timed out, breaking loop");
} else {
GST_INFO_OBJECT (bus, "we got woken up, recheck for message");
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (bus, "we got woken up, recheck for message");
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