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update docs to new error signal

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update docs to new error signal
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......@@ -198,7 +198,8 @@ gst_element_real_get_property (GObject *object, guint prop_id, GValue *value, GP
* gst_element_default_error:
* @object: a #GObject that signalled the error.
* @orig: the #GstObject that initiated the error.
* @error: the error message.
* @error: the #GError.
* @detailed: the detailed string.
* Adds a default error signal callback to an
* element. The user data passed to the g_signal_connect is
......@@ -2075,12 +2076,16 @@ gst_element_convert (GstElement *element,
* gst_element_error:
* @element: a #GstElement with the error.
* @file: file the error happened in (usually __FILE__)
* @function: function the error happened in or NULL if the function is not known (usually GST_FUNCTION)
* @line: line the error happened in (usually __LINE__)
* @error: the printf-style string describing the error.
* @...: the optional arguments for the string.
* signals an error condition on an element.
* This function is used internally by elements.
* This function is used internally.
* It results in the "error" signal.
* You normally want to use gst_element_error() instead.
gst_element_error_detailed (GstElement *element, const gchar *file, const gchar *function,
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