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Commit 96148da5 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller 🐠
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Release 1.18.0

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=== release 1.18.0 ===
2020-09-08 00:01:33 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
* ChangeLog:
* gstreamer.doap:
Release 1.18.0
2020-09-07 20:22:38 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
* scripts/
* scripts/
meson: dist pot file in tarballs
Part-of: <>
2020-08-21 11:06:57 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* libs/gst/base/gstaggregator.c:
aggregator: Document that samples_selected() must only be called from the aggregate() function
Part-of: <>
2020-08-20 10:54:12 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* libs/gst/base/gstaggregator.c:
aggregator: Don't automatically adjust segment if subclass provided one
On the first buffer the base class would update the segment position
based on the start-time-selection. If the subclass provides its own
segment this will caused unexpected behaviour and override segment
information that was explicitly set by the subclass.
Part-of: <>
=== release 1.17.90 ===
2020-08-20 16:08:25 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
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GStreamer 1.17.x development series
GStreamer 1.18.x stable series
This is GStreamer core 1.17.90.
This is GStreamer core 1.18.0.
GStreamer 1.17 is the development branch leading up to the next major
stable version which will be 1.18.
The GStreamer team is thrilled to announce a new major feature release
of your favourite cross-platform multimedia framework!
The 1.17 development series adds new features on top of the 1.16 series and is
As always, this release is again packed with new features, bug fixes and
other improvements.
The 1.18 release series adds new features on top of the 1.16 series and is
part of the API and ABI-stable 1.x release series of the GStreamer multimedia
Full release notes will one day be found at:
Full release notes can be found at:
......@@ -38,6 +38,16 @@ hierarchy, and a set of media-agnostic core elements.
<file-release rdf:resource="" />
project('gstreamer', 'c',
version : '1.17.90',
version : '1.18.0',
meson_version : '>= 0.48',
default_options : [ 'warning_level=1',
'buildtype=debugoptimized' ])
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