Commit 861ca3d6 authored by Sebastian Rasmussen's avatar Sebastian Rasmussen Committed by Thiago Santos
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parse: Unref reference to enclosing bins

Previously all reference to enclosing bins of an element were leaked
when doing delaying setting a property.

parent b8b6dbd3
...@@ -318,9 +318,12 @@ gst_parse_add_delayed_set (GstElement *element, gchar *name, gchar *value_str) ...@@ -318,9 +318,12 @@ gst_parse_add_delayed_set (GstElement *element, gchar *name, gchar *value_str)
gst_parse_add_delayed_set(parent, sub_name, value_str); gst_parse_add_delayed_set(parent, sub_name, value_str);
g_free (sub_name); g_free (sub_name);
} }
gst_object_unref (parent);
parent = child; parent = child;
current++; current++;
} }
if (parent)
gst_object_unref (parent);
g_strfreev (names); g_strfreev (names);
} }
} }
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