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Somewhat fixed -inspect

Original commit message from CVS:
Somewhat fixed -inspect
parent 093bf106
......@@ -80,9 +80,9 @@ print_element_info (GstElementFactory *factory)
GstPad *pad;
GstRealPad *realpad;
GstPadTemplate *padtemplate;
GtkArg *args, *args2;
guint32 *flags;
gint num_args,i;
gint num_properties,i;
GParamSpec **property_specs;
GList *children;
GstElement *child;
gboolean have_flags;
......@@ -93,8 +93,8 @@ print_element_info (GstElementFactory *factory)
return -1;
gstobject_class = GST_OBJECT_CLASS (GTK_OBJECT (element)->klass);
gstelement_class = GST_ELEMENT_CLASS (GTK_OBJECT (element)->klass);
gstobject_class = GST_OBJECT_CLASS (G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS (element));
gstelement_class = GST_ELEMENT_CLASS (G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS (element));
printf("Factory Details:\n");
printf(" Long name:\t%s\n",factory->details->longname);
......@@ -254,34 +254,37 @@ print_element_info (GstElementFactory *factory)
} else
printf(" none\n");
// FIXME accessing private data of GObjectClass !!!
printf("\nElement Arguments:\n");
args = gtk_object_query_args(GTK_OBJECT_TYPE(element), &flags, &num_args);
args2 = gtk_object_query_args(GTK_OBJECT_TYPE(element), &flags, &num_args);
for (i=0;i<num_args;i++) {
// FIXME should say whether it's read-only or not
gtk_object_getv (GTK_OBJECT (element), num_args, args2);
printf(" %-40.40s: ",args[i].name);
switch (args[i].type) {
case GTK_TYPE_STRING: printf("String (Default \"%s\")", GTK_VALUE_STRING (args2[i]));break;
case GTK_TYPE_BOOL: printf("Boolean (Default %s)", (GTK_VALUE_BOOL (args2[i])?"true":"false"));break;
case GTK_TYPE_ULONG: printf("Unsigned Long (Default %lu)", GTK_VALUE_ULONG (args2[i]));break;
case GTK_TYPE_LONG: printf("Long (Default %ld)", GTK_VALUE_LONG (args2[i]));break;
case GTK_TYPE_UINT: printf("Unsigned Integer (Default %u)", GTK_VALUE_UINT (args2[i]));break;
case GTK_TYPE_INT: printf("Integer (Default %d)", GTK_VALUE_INT (args2[i]));break;
case GTK_TYPE_FLOAT: printf("Float (Default %f)", GTK_VALUE_FLOAT (args2[i]));break;
case GTK_TYPE_DOUBLE: printf("Double (Default %lf)", GTK_VALUE_DOUBLE (args2[i]));break;
num_properties = G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS (element)->n_property_specs;
property_specs = G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS (element)->property_specs;
for (i=0;i<num_properties;i++) {
GParamSpec *param = property_specs[i];
GValue value;
g_object_get (G_OBJECT (element), param->name, &value, NULL);
printf(" %-40.40s: %d",param->name, value.g_type);
switch (value.g_type) {
case G_TYPE_STRING: printf("String (Default \"%s\")", g_value_get_string (&value));break;
case G_TYPE_BOOLEAN: printf("Boolean (Default %s)", (g_value_get_boolean (&value)?"true":"false"));break;
case G_TYPE_ULONG: printf("Unsigned Long (Default %lu)", g_value_get_ulong (&value));break;
case G_TYPE_LONG: printf("Long (Default %ld)", g_value_get_long (&value));break;
case G_TYPE_UINT: printf("Unsigned Integer (Default %u)", g_value_get_uint (&value));break;
case G_TYPE_INT: printf("Integer (Default %d)", g_value_get_int (&value));break;
case G_TYPE_FLOAT: printf("Float (Default %f)", g_value_get_float (&value));break;
case G_TYPE_DOUBLE: printf("Double (Default %lf)", g_value_get_double (&value));break;
if (args[i].type == GST_TYPE_FILENAME)
else if (GTK_FUNDAMENTAL_TYPE (args[i].type) == GTK_TYPE_ENUM) {
else if (G_FUNDAMENTAL_TYPE (args[i].type) == G_TYPE_ENUM) {
GtkEnumValue *values;
guint j = 0;
printf("Enum (default %d)", GTK_VALUE_ENUM (args[i]));
printf("Enum (default %d)", G_VALUE_ENUM (args[i]));
values = gtk_type_enum_get_values (args[i].type);
while (values[j].value_name) {
printf("\n (%d): \t%s", values[j].value, values[j].value_nick);
......@@ -293,13 +296,16 @@ print_element_info (GstElementFactory *factory)
printf("unknown %d", args[i].type);
g_free (args);
if (num_args == 0) g_print (" none");
// for compound elements
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