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    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      mapi: Move mapi_func typedef to entry.h. · a91a337a
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Make it clear that entry.h does not depend on stub.h.
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      mapi: Add and use entry_get_public. · e6a7ef3c
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Given a dispatch slot, entry_get_public returns the address of the
      corresponding public entry point.  There may be more than one of them.
      But since they are all equivalent, it is fine to return any one of them.
      With entry_get_public, the address of any public entry point can be
      calculated at runtime when an assembly dispatcher is used.  There is no
      need to have a mapping table in such case.  This omits the unnecessary
      relocations from the binary.
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    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      Fix copyright headers. · ba81b074
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Update the warranty disclaimer to use the more general "THE AUTHORS OR
      COPYRIGHT HOLDERS".  This is done manually on files created by me.  Hope
      that I do not miss anything.
  7. 12 Mar, 2010 1 commit
    • Chia-I Wu's avatar
      st/vega: Implement st_api.h. · 8bcd616a
      Chia-I Wu authored
      There is currently no user of this new interface.  As the inteface can
      coexist with st_public.h, everthing should work as before.
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      · 5e3bc0c2
      Jouk Jansen authored
       Committing in .
       Modified Files:
       	Mesa/macos/gli_api/gliapi1.h Mesa/macos/gli_api/gliapi2.h
       	Mesa/macos/gli_api/gliapiext.h Mesa/macos/src-gli/fxgli.c
       	Mesa/macos/src-gli/fxgli.h Mesa/macos/src-gli/fxgli2.c
       	Mesa/macos/src-gli/fxgli_tridebug.c Mesa/src/accum.c
       	Mesa/src/accum.h Mesa/src/all.h Mesa/src/alpha.c
       	Mesa/src/alpha.h Mesa/src/attrib.c Mesa/src/attrib.h
       	Mesa/src/bitmap.c Mesa/src/bitmap.h Mesa/src/blend.c
       	Mesa/src/blend.h Mesa/src/buffers.c Mesa/src/buffers.h
       	Mesa/src/clip.c Mesa/src/clip.h Mesa/src/colortab.h
       	Mesa/src/config.c Mesa/src/context.c Mesa/src/context.h
       	Mesa/src/convolve.c Mesa/src/convolve.h Mesa/src/copypix.c
       	Mesa/src/copypix.h Mesa/src/debug.c Mesa/src/depth.c
       	Mesa/src/depth.h Mesa/src/dlist.c Mesa/src/dlist.h
       	Mesa/src/drawpix.c Mesa/src/drawpix.h Mesa/src/enable.c
       	Mesa/src/enable.h Mesa/src/eval.c Mesa/src/eval.h
       	Mesa/src/extensions.c Mesa/src/extensions.h
       	Mesa/src/feedback.c Mesa/src/feedback.h Mesa/src/fog.c
       	Mesa/src/fog.h Mesa/src/get.c Mesa/src/get.h Mesa/src/glapi.c
       	Mesa/src/glthread.h Mesa/src/highpc.c Mesa/src/hint.h
       	Mesa/src/histogram.h Mesa/src/image.c Mesa/src/image.h
       	Mesa/src/imports.c Mesa/src/light.c Mesa/src/light.h
       	Mesa/src/lines.c Mesa/src/lines.h Mesa/src/logic.c
       	Mesa/src/logic.h Mesa/src/masking.c Mesa/src/masking.h
       	Mesa/src/matrix.c Mesa/src/matrix.h Mesa/src/pixel.c
       	Mesa/src/pixel.h Mesa/src/points.c Mesa/src/points.h
       	Mesa/src/polygon.c Mesa/src/polygon.h Mesa/src/rastpos.c
       	Mesa/src/readpix.c Mesa/src/scissor.c Mesa/src/scissor.h
       	Mesa/src/state.c Mesa/src/state.h Mesa/src/stencil.c
       	Mesa/src/stencil.h Mesa/src/teximage.c Mesa/src/teximage.h
       	Mesa/src/texobj.c Mesa/src/texobj.h Mesa/src/texstate.c
       	Mesa/src/texstate.h Mesa/src/texture.c Mesa/src/texture.h
       	Mesa/src/texutil.c Mesa/src/texutil.h Mesa/src/varray.c
       	Mesa/src/varray.h Mesa/src/X/fakeglx.c Mesa/src/X/xm_api.c
       	Mesa/src/X/xm_dd.c Mesa/src/X/xm_line.c Mesa/src/X/xm_span.c
       	Mesa/src/X/xm_tri.c Mesa/src/swrast/s_aaline.c
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_aaline.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_aatriangle.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_accum.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_alpha.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_alphabuf.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_blend.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_context.c Mesa/src/swrast/s_context.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_depth.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_drawpix.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_feedback.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_fog.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_histogram.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_lines.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_logic.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_masking.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_pb.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_pixeltex.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_points.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_quads.c
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_quads.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_scissor.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_span.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_stencil.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_texture.h Mesa/src/swrast/s_triangle.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast/s_zoom.h Mesa/src/swrast/swrast.h
       	Mesa/src/swrast_setup/ss_vb.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_clip.c
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_clip.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_context.c
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_context.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_cva.c
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_cva.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_debug.c
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_debug.h Mesa/src/tnl/t_dlist.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_eval.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_eval.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_fog.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_fog.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_light.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_light.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_pipeline.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_pipeline.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_shade.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_shade.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_stages.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_stages.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_texture.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_texture.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_trans_elt.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_trans_elt.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_varray.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_varray.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vb.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vb.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbcull.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbcull.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbfill.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbfill.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbindirect.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbindirect.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbrender.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbrender.h
       	Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbxform.c Mesa/src/tnl/t_vbxform.h
       Added Files:
       Removed Files:
       Changed Mesa/src/types to Mesa/src/mtypes.h to avoid conflicts while
      compiling on a VMS system.
  14. 05 Nov, 2000 1 commit
    • Keith Whitwell's avatar
      A new module to provide RasterSetup and advanced triangle/line/point · 7c20642b
      Keith Whitwell authored
      functionality layered on top of the software rasterizer.
      An example entrypoint:
      	void _swsetup_Triangle( GLcontext, GLuint, GLuint, GLuint, GLuint )
      will coerce the software rasterizer to draw flat, twoside-lit,
      unfilled and offset triangles (including decomposition to points or lines).
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