Commit e0c7114e authored by Marek Olšák's avatar Marek Olšák

st/mesa: disable L3 thread pinning

This implementation can have massive drawbacks.

Cc: 18.3 <>
Reviewed-by: Edmondo Tommasina's avatarEdmondo Tommasina <>
parent c6aaafa3
......@@ -1072,15 +1072,6 @@ st_api_make_current(struct st_api *stapi, struct st_context_iface *stctxi,
* of the referenced drawables no longer exist.
/* Notify the driver that the context thread may have been changed.
* This should pin all driver threads to a specific L3 cache for optimal
* performance on AMD Zen CPUs.
struct glthread_state *glthread = st->ctx->GLThread;
thrd_t *upper_thread = glthread ? &glthread->queue.threads[0] : NULL;
util_context_thread_changed(st->pipe, upper_thread);
else {
ret = _mesa_make_current(NULL, NULL, NULL);
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