Commit c6aaafa3 authored by Christian Gmeiner's avatar Christian Gmeiner

nir: add lowering for ffloor

Signed-off-by: Christian Gmeiner's avatarChristian Gmeiner <>
Reviewed-by: Jason Ekstrand's avatarJason Ekstrand <>
parent 41c8f991
......@@ -2083,6 +2083,9 @@ typedef struct nir_shader_compiler_options {
bool fdot_replicates;
/** lowers ffloor to fsub+ffract: */
bool lower_ffloor;
/** lowers ffract to fsub+ffloor: */
bool lower_ffract;
......@@ -123,6 +123,7 @@ optimizations = [
(('~flrp', a, 0.0, c), ('fadd', ('fmul', ('fneg', a), c), a)),
(('flrp@32', a, b, c), ('fadd', ('fmul', c, ('fsub', b, a)), a), 'options->lower_flrp32'),
(('flrp@64', a, b, c), ('fadd', ('fmul', c, ('fsub', b, a)), a), 'options->lower_flrp64'),
(('ffloor', a), ('fsub', a, ('ffract', a)), 'options->lower_ffloor'),
(('ffract', a), ('fsub', a, ('ffloor', a)), 'options->lower_ffract'),
(('~fadd', ('fmul', a, ('fadd', 1.0, ('fneg', ('b2f', c)))), ('fmul', b, ('b2f', c))), ('bcsel', c, b, a), 'options->lower_flrp32'),
(('~fadd@32', ('fmul', a, ('fadd', 1.0, ('fneg', c ))), ('fmul', b, c )), ('flrp', a, b, c), '!options->lower_flrp32'),
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