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    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      Add GstParentBufferMeta · 4d4e4363
      Jan Schmidt authored
      A core meta which helps implement the old concept
      of sub-buffering in some situations, by making it
      possible for a buffer to keep a ref on a different
      parent buffer. The parent buffer is unreffed when
      the Meta is freed.
      This meta is used to ensure that a buffer whose
      memory is being shared to a child buffer isn't freed
      and returned to a buffer pool until the memory
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    • Sebastian Dröge's avatar
      clock: Add GST_CLOCK_FLAG_NEEDS_STARTUP_SYNC and related API · fe3249b0
      Sebastian Dröge authored
      gst_clock_wait_for_sync(), gst_clock_is_synced() and gst_clock_set_synced()
      plus a signal to asynchronously wait for the clock to be synced.
      This can be used by clocks to signal that they need initial synchronization
      before they can report any time, and that this synchronization can also get
      completely lost at some point. Network clocks, like the GStreamer
      netclientclock, NTP or PTP clocks are examples for clocks where this is useful
      to have as they can't report any time at all before they're synced.
  8. 25 May, 2015 1 commit
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      gstvalue: Add GstFlagSet type · f9e5178d
      Jan Schmidt authored
      GstFlagSet is a new type designed for negotiating sets
      of boolean capabilities flags, consisting of a 32-bit
      flags bitfield and 32-bit mask field. The mask field
      indicates which of the flags bits an element needs to have
      as specific values, and which it doesn't care about.
      This allows efficient negotiation of arrays of boolean
      The standard serialisation format is FLAGS:MASK, with
      flags and mask fields expressed in hexadecimal, however
      GstFlagSet has a gst_register_flagset() function, which
      associates a new GstFlagSet derived type with an existing
      GFlags gtype. When serializing a GstFlagSet with an
      associated set of GFlags, it also serializes a human-readable
      form of the flags for easier debugging.
      It is possible to parse a GFlags style serialisation of a
      flagset, without the hex portion on the front. ie,
      +flag1/flag2/flag3+flag4, to indicate that
      flag1 & flag4 must be set, and flag2/flag3 must be unset,
      and any other flags are don't-care.
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    • Alex Ashley's avatar
      protection: add GstProtectionMeta to support protected content · abdafb0d
      Alex Ashley authored
      In order to support some types of protected streams (such as those
      protected using DASH Common Encryption) some per-buffer information
      needs to be passed between elements.
      This commit adds a GstMeta type called GstProtectionMeta that allows
      protection specific information to be added to a GstBuffer. An example
      of its usage is qtdemux providing information to each output sample
      that enables a downstream element to decrypt it.
      This commit adds a utility function to select a supported protection
      system from the installed Decryption elements found in the registry.
      The gst_protection_select_system function that takes an array of
      identifiers and searches the registry for a element of klass Decryptor that
      supports one or more of the supplied identifiers. If multiple elements
      are found, the one with the highest rank is selected.
      This commit adds a unit test for the gst_protection_select_system
      function that adds a fake Decryptor element to the registry and then
      checks that it can correctly be selected by the utility function.
      This commit adds a unit test for GstProtectionMeta that creates
      GstProtectionMeta and adds & removes it from a buffer and performs some
      simple reference count checks.
      API: gst_buffer_add_protection_meta()
      API: gst_buffer_get_protection_meta()
      API: gst_protection_select_system()
      API: gst_protection_meta_api_get_type()
      API: gst_protection_meta_get_info()
    • Alex Ashley's avatar
      event: add new GST_EVENT_PROTECTION · 0f36b16a
      Alex Ashley authored
      In order for a decrypter element to decrypt media protected using a
      specific protection system, it first needs all the protection system
      specific  information necessary (E.g. information on how to acquire
      the decryption keys) for that stream.
      The GST_EVENT_PROTECTION defined in this commit enables this information
      to be passed from elements that extract it (e.g. qtdemux, dashdemux) to
      elements that use it (E.g. a decrypter element).
      API: gst_event_new_protection()
      API: gst_event_parse_protection()
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    • Sebastian Dröge's avatar
      event: Add running-time-offset field to all events · d445027e
      Sebastian Dröge authored
      Events passing through #GstPads that have a running time
      offset set via gst_pad_set_offset() will get their offset
      adjusted according to the pad's offset.
      If the event contains any information that related to the
      running time, this information will need to be updated
      before usage with this offset.
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