1. 11 Apr, 2011 2 commits
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      pluginloader: make sure gst-plugin-scanner is called with the right arch on OSX · 159cf687
      Jan Schmidt authored
      On OSX, GStreamer might be built as a 'fat/universal' binary containing
      both 32-bit and 64-bit code. We must take care that gst-plugin-scanner
      is executed with the same architecture as the GStreamer core, otherwise
      bad things may happen and core/scanner will not be able to communicate
      Should fix issues with (32-bit) firefox using a 32-bit GStreamer core
      which then spawns a 'universal' gst-plugin-scanner binary which gets
      run in 64-bit mode, causing 100% cpu usage / busy loops or just hanging
      firefox until killed.
    • Robert Swain's avatar
      pad: Allow tracking of buffers in GST_SCHEDULING debug output · fd5aa095
      Robert Swain authored
      As GST_SCHEDULING reports when buffers pass through pads due to
      gst_pad_push calls, they are a good way of tracking the progress of
      buffers through pipelines. As such, adding output of the buffer pointers
      to these messages allows tracking of specific buffers, easing debugging.
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