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      ptp: Initial implementation of a PTP clock · 8d777598
      Sebastian Dröge authored
      GstPtpClock implements a PTP (IEEE1588:2008) ordinary clock in
      slave-only mode, that allows a GStreamer pipeline to synchronize
      to a PTP network clock in some specific domain.
      The PTP subsystem can be initialized with gst_ptp_init(), which then
      starts a helper process to do the actual communication via the PTP
      ports. This is required as PTP listens on ports < 1024 and thus
      requires special privileges. Once this helper process is started, the
      main process will synchronize to all PTP domains that are detected on
      the selected interfaces.
      gst_ptp_clock_new() then allows to create a GstClock that provides the
      PTP time from a master clock inside a specific PTP domain. This clock
      will only return valid timestamps once the timestamps in the PTP domain
      are known. To check this, the GstPtpClock::internal-clock property and
      the related notify::clock signal can be used. Once the internal clock
      is not NULL, the PTP domain's time is known. Alternatively you can wait
      for this with gst_ptp_clock_wait_ready().
      To gather statistics about the PTP clock synchronization,
      gst_ptp_statistics_callback_add() can be used. This gives the
      application the possibility to collect all kinds of statistics
      from the clock synchronization.
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      check: Have autotools generate internal-check.h · 0b09573b
      Sebastian Rasmussen authored
      Previously GStreamer got access to the libcheck interface by including
      libs/gst/check/check.h which in turn included internal-check.h in the
      same directory. internal-check.h was generated by copying
      libs/gst/check/libcheck/check.h which in turn was generated from
      check.h.in in the same directory. In this case generating
      libs/gst/check/libcheck/check.h is unnecessary, in addition this file
      was accidentally distributed in generated project tarballs.
      Now libs/gst/check/internal-check.h is generated directly from
      libs/gst/check/libcheck/check.h.in by configure. This means that the
      libcheck source must include internal-check.h instead of the previously
      generated libs/gst/check/libcheck/check.h. However the unnecessary
      intermediate step is now skipped.
      Fixes https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=741359
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      check: Apply GStreamer-specific patches · 85c8b5d2
      Sebastian Rasmussen authored
      Reintroduced patches:
       * Make sure that fail_if(1) actually fails
         from commit 9f99d056
      New patches due to updated libcheck (based on 0.9.14):
       * Checks in m4/check-checks.m4 to cater for new dependencies
       * Conditional compile-time compat POSIX fallbacks for libcheck
       * Avoid relative paths for libcheck header files
       * Make timer_create() usage depend on posix timers, not librt
       * Rely on default AX_PTHREAD behavior to allow HAVE_PTHREAD to be used
         when checking for types and functions (like clock_gettime())
       * Avoid double declaration of clock_gettime() when availabe outside of
         librt by making compat clock_gettime() declaration conditional
       * check 0.9.9 renamed _fail_unless() and 0.9.12 later renamed it again
         to _ck_assert_failed(), so ASSERT_{CRITICAL,WARNING}() now calls this
       * Remove libcheck fallback infrastructure for malloc(), realloc(),
         gettimeofday() and snprintf() since either they appear to be
         available or they introduce even more dependencies.
      The result is an embedded check in gstreamer that has been tested by
      running check tests in core, -base, -good, -bad, -ugly and rtsp-server
      on Linux, OSX and Windows.
      Fixes https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=727826
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      gst: Add better support for static plugins · 18a7a1d0
      Sebastian Dröge authored
      Based on a patch by Håvard Graff <havard.graff@tandberg.com>.
      This now allows GST_PLUGIN_DEFINE() to create a static plugin if
      GST_PLUGIN_BUILD_STATIC is defined. The resulting plugin can be
      statically linked or dynamically linked during compilation but
      can't be dynamically loaded during runtime.
      which allows to register a static linked plugin easily.
      It is still required to manually register every single statically linked
      plugin from inside the application as this can't be automated in a portable
      A new configure parameter --enable-static-plugins was added that allows
      to build all plugins we build here as static plugins.
      Fixes bug #667305.
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