Commit ef37a388 authored by Joshua N. Pritikin's avatar Joshua N. Pritikin
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make gst_thread_change_state more forgiving

Original commit message from CVS:
make gst_thread_change_state more forgiving
parent ca709618
......@@ -256,7 +256,6 @@ gst_thread_change_state (GstElement *element)
gboolean stateset = GST_STATE_SUCCESS;
gint transition;
pthread_t self = pthread_self();
GstElement *peerelement;
g_return_val_if_fail (GST_IS_THREAD(element), FALSE);
// GST_DEBUG_ENTER("(\"%s\")",GST_ELEMENT_NAME(element));
......@@ -394,10 +393,15 @@ gst_thread_change_state (GstElement *element)
GList *pads = GST_ELEMENT_PADS(e);
while (pads)
GstRealPad *peer;
GstElement *peerelement;
GstPad *p = GST_PAD(pads->data);
pads = g_list_next(pads);
peerelement = GST_PAD_PARENT(GST_PAD_PEER(p));
peer = GST_PAD_PEER(p);
if (!peer) continue;
peerelement = GST_PAD_PARENT(peer);
if (!peerelement) continue; // deal with case where there's no peer
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