Commit e7b3305f authored by Vincent Penquerc'h's avatar Vincent Penquerc'h
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baseparse: do not use a byte value instead of a time value when bisecting

This fixes FLAC seeking on some FLAC files.
parent 7d3760b4
......@@ -3525,6 +3525,9 @@ gst_base_parse_locate_time (GstBaseParse * parse, GstClockTime * _time,
g_return_val_if_fail (_time != NULL, GST_FLOW_ERROR);
g_return_val_if_fail (_offset != NULL, GST_FLOW_ERROR);
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (parse, "Bisecting for time %" GST_TIME_FORMAT,
GST_TIME_ARGS (*_time));
/* TODO also make keyframe aware if useful some day */
time = *_time;
......@@ -3547,9 +3550,17 @@ gst_base_parse_locate_time (GstBaseParse * parse, GstClockTime * _time,
/* need initial positions; start and end */
lpos = parse->priv->first_frame_offset;
ltime = parse->priv->first_frame_ts;
htime = parse->priv->duration;
if (!gst_base_parse_get_duration (parse, GST_FORMAT_TIME, &htime)) {
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (parse, "Unknown time duration, cannot bisect");
hpos = parse->priv->upstream_size;
"Bisection initial bounds: bytes %" G_GINT64_FORMAT " %" G_GINT64_FORMAT
", times %" GST_TIME_FORMAT " %" GST_TIME_FORMAT, lpos, htime,
GST_TIME_ARGS (ltime), GST_TIME_ARGS (htime));
/* check preconditions are satisfied;
* start and end are needed, except for special case where we scan for
* last frame to determine duration */
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