fixing typos

Original commit message from CVS:
fixing typos
parent 681588c8
......@@ -277,12 +277,13 @@ gst_event_new_discontinuous (gboolean new_media, GstFormat format1, ...)
* gst_event_discont_get_value:
* @event: The event to query
* @format: The format of the discont value
* @format: The format of the discontinuous value
* @value: A pointer to the value
* Get the value for the given format in the dicont event.
* Get the value for the given format in the discontinous event.
* Returns: TRUE if the discont event caries the specified format/value pair.
* Returns: TRUE if the discontinuous event carries the specified
* format/value pair.
gst_event_discont_get_value (GstEvent * event, GstFormat format, gint64 * value)
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