Commit dea23515 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

miniobject: remove FIXME

Now that we don't subclass buffers anymore, the FIXME about limited
functionality of the copy function is irrelevant.
parent 3b916bf5
......@@ -111,20 +111,6 @@ gst_mini_object_init (GstMiniObject * mini_object, GType type, gsize size)
mini_object->size = size;
/* FIXME 0.11: Current way of doing the copy makes it impossible
* to currectly chain to the parent classes and do a copy in a
* subclass without knowing all internals of the parent classes.
* For 0.11 we should do something like the following:
* - The GstMiniObjectClass::copy() implementation of GstMiniObject
* should call g_type_create_instance() with the type of the source
* object.
* - All GstMiniObjectClass::copy() implementations should as first
* thing chain up to the parent class and then do whatever they need
* to do to copy their type specific data. Note that this way the
* instance_init() functions are called!
* gst_mini_object_copy:
* @mini_object: the mini-object to copy
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