Commit d9901a62 authored by Vincent Penquerc'h's avatar Vincent Penquerc'h
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gststructure: simplify return statement in gst_structure_can_intersect
parent afc80c10
......@@ -3096,11 +3096,8 @@ gst_structure_can_intersect (const GstStructure * struct1,
return FALSE;
/* tries to intersect if we have the field in both */
if (G_UNLIKELY (!gst_structure_foreach ((GstStructure *) struct1,
gst_caps_structure_can_intersect_field, (gpointer) struct2)))
return FALSE;
return TRUE;
return gst_structure_foreach ((GstStructure *) struct1,
gst_caps_structure_can_intersect_field, (gpointer) struct2);
static gboolean
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