Commit d4b1febd authored by Thomas Vander Stichele's avatar Thomas Vander Stichele
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make sure we delete on upload

Original commit message from CVS:
make sure we delete on upload
parent c472a56b
......@@ -29,6 +29,6 @@ upload: $(FORMATS)
if echo $(FORMATS) | grep ps > /dev/null; then export SRC="$$SRC $(DOC).ps"; fi; \
if echo $(FORMATS) | grep pdf > /dev/null; then export SRC="$$SRC $(DOC).pdf"; fi; \
echo Uploading $$SRC to $(DOC_SERVER):$$DIR; \
rsync -rv -e ssh $$SRC $(DOC_SERVER):$$DIR; \
rsync -rv -e ssh --delete $$SRC $(DOC_SERVER):$$DIR; \
ssh $(DOC_SERVER) chmod -R g+w $$DIR; \
echo Done
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