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cvs questions

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cvs questions
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<sect1 id="chapter-cvs">
<title id="title-cvs">Building GStreamer from CVS</title>
<question id="cvs">
I ran, but it fails with something like this:
+ running aclocal -I m4 -I common/m4 ...
aclocal: 8: macro `AM_DISABLE_STATIC' not found in library
aclocal: 17: macro `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' not found in library
aclocal failed
What's wrong ?
aclocal is unable to find two macros installed by libtool in a file called
libtool.m4. Normally this would indicate that you don't have libtool, but
that would mean would have failed on not finding libtool.
It is more likely that you installed automake (which provides aclocal) in
a different prefix than libtool. You can check this by examining in what
prefix both aclocal and libtool are installed.
You can do three things to fix this :
<listitem>install automake in the same prefix as libtool
<listitem>force use of the automake installed in the same prefix as libtool
by using the --with-automake option
<listitem>figure out what prefix libtool has been installed to and point
aclocal to the right location by running
export ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I $(prefix)/share/aclocal"
where you replace prefix with the prefix where libtool was installed.
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